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Saturday Ongoing Workshop Sessions. All ages welcome!

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Art Camps

Art camps are held on select days during the summer. We are happy to accommodate your group of 6 or more on days which are not currently on the schedule. Please call Marcia for inquiries and to schedule your group. All camp events, including single day, require pre-registration. 


Current Camp Schedule:         

 Our Mighty Me Camp was Awesome! If you're interesed in having a camp session similar to Mighty Me, give us a call at 919-610-2989!

       Camp MIGHTY ME was held on June 18th, 19th and 20th below is information about what we did.      

Kids need to learn they have inner SUPER POWERS and that they matter! This is a learning camp full of fun and interesting activities to help your child gain confidence in who he or she is.

At Camp Mighty Me, your child will:

Artistic Thirst and Mighty Me are combining some of their own SUPER POWERS to offer an incredible experience for your child – one that helps your child live a happier, more empowered life.

Through activities, discussions and art projects, kids gain self-awareness, confidence, respect and appreciation for themselves and others and the courage, passion and skills to pursue their goals and dreams.  Kids uncover how special and unique they are, and they understand how valuable they are to the world around them.  They feel connected and worthy, and they learn how to shine their INNER LIGHT.

Camp Mighty Me is a series of 3 workshops for kids ages 9 to 12 (rising 4th, 5th and 6th Graders).  Each workshop builds on the one before, but each one is also independent of the others. 

Tuesday, June 18              Workshop #1     What are your SUPER POWERS? What’s your kryptonite?

Wednesday, June 19       Workshop #2     Achieving Your Goals and Dreams

Thursday, June 20            Workshop #3     Making the most of your THOUGHTS

Where Kids discover their SUPER POWERS and learn how to use them.

For more information please contact Karin Cross: 919-397-2475. Visit her website:




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